Wow! When I think about the past year what comes to mind is “Look what the Lord has done.” This has been one of my favorite years of life and ministry. This year has been filled with some abundant blessings and long awaited victories. I rejoice because I can tell you with full confidence the Lord is faithful. I began this year laying down some burdens that I had carried for far too long. Realizations that 2020 taught of my misplaced trust. God took my sacrifice of trust and exchanged it for confidence that it’s not about my doing but it is all about His faithfulness to us. Like any loving Father, our Heavenly Father has our very best at heart. Trust Him fully and you will see His goodness on display. 

One of my lifetime favorite verses is Ephesians 3:20&21. “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” I’ve seen it to be true of my past and present. Knowing it will also be true of my future.

Thank you for pushing play and letting me be a part of your days through my music and ministry. It’s one of my life’s greatest honors. I realize that our life’s greatest purpose is to testify to others of what God has done. I’d like to do that right now.


Happy New Year. Let’s rock 2022!

Yancy Ministries 2021 Year End Recap and Update:

  • At the top of our list is a pretty sweet honor. Yancy won “Children’s Album of the Year” at the 52nd Dove Awards. This is Christian music’s highest award aka a Christian Grammy. This was Yancy’s first nomination and first win. As you may know “Ready Set Go” represents a big project but even more so journey of faith that was filled with forgiveness, revelation, obedience, stepping out in faith, provision and miracles. To have this project win, we feel like God is throwing confetti down to honor the steps of faith and faithfulness it represents. The trophy arrived a couple days before Christmas and we are all still smiling.
  • Super big news is the release of Yancy’s first book: Sweet Sound: The Power of Discipling Kids in Worship. The print book is available now with E-book and Audio Book coming in January. We are so honored Kari Jobe wrote the Foreword to the book. This book is a needed resource for helping church leaders understand the power of worship as well as have practical ways to implement this form of discipleship in those they lead. Yancy knows that this message will impact every believer that reads it for their own life serving Jesus. This message poured out of her. She knew God told her it was time to write this message that’s been building up inside her over the years. This is the  first of many books in her heart. Already testimonies of people enjoying the read and being challenged to think about things they never have before our rolling in. We are expectant for what this book is going to do for years to come but also the impact for this generation and future ones as well. Learn more and get your book with a special bonus at
  • This fall we counted up over 167 countries that push play on our music and resources. Isn’t that so cool? Social media is a gift we you see a post or receive a message from a country so far away. It makes the most ordinary days feel extraordinary as you see the great commission at work and on display. Rejoice with us at the impact this represents.
  • This summer, Yancy performed for the Mountain State Celebration with Will Graham He’s the grandson of Billy Graham. “No other Christian in my lifetime has received the respect of so many than the late great Rev. Billy Graham. I understand a bit about legacy and generational ministry of a family. I understand the blessed parts of it but also the sacrifice, struggle and commitment of it. I was a part of something that three generations of the Graham family have labored for. I don’t take what they have sown and also protected with great care lightly. This was truly a bucket list ministry opportunity for me. I was very honored to be chosen to help proclaim the good news with the Graham family and ministry.” Yancy shared.
  • We began a new partnership with First Baptist Dallas as they launched their iCampus Kids ministry. It’s an online children’s ministry and they have a new episode for both preschool and elementary each week. Yancy leads worship for both. It’s been fun traveling to Dallas to film her leading the songs. It’s even more fun to see photos and heart testimonies from around the world of people tuning in and being blessed by this ministry.
  • Many articles and blogs were written for: Worship Musician Magazine, Kidzmatter Magazine,, and other ministry organizations.
  • Yancy taught about leading worship through live conferences like D6 and Mega-Con Conference and many online training and webinars for Children’s Pastors Conference, Church of God Focus, Bible Creative Online and continued teaching as faculty in Kidmin Academy.
  • While the school year traveling has been less than pre-Covid we were very grateful for a very normal feeling summer ‘21. With a new perspective Yancy is enjoying every opportunity to stand on stage making Jesus loud and leading others in worship. Every place and group of people is a gift. This fall we heard from a Mom whose preteen age son has been killed in an accident. Only three months before he was at a camp where Yancy led. Again, it gave such perspective to the work that we do and to make our days count. It’s already looking like summer ’22 is shaping up to be full of exciting opportunities. See a video of what happens on the road at Consider planning an event for your community in 2022 to make Jesus loud!
  • The Little Praise Party and Yancy music videos are made available to families through partners like TBN, Right Now Media, Minno and Pure Flix. Churches like Life.Church use the music in all of their campuses! Curriculum resources like Disciplr and First Look partner to use our music. We are incredibly grateful for our partners big and small. This side of Heaven we will never fully understand the harvest that our seeds have reaped but my oh my what a glorious day in Heaven it will be where we see in full all that God has done. We’ve also built up our YouTube channel this year for families. Tell families you know to check out to like and subscribe to our channel.

Would you help me?

  • Pray for the launch of “Sweet Sound: The Power of Discipling Kids in Worship” Book. Pray with us that people will find this book and be drawn to its message. Pray the seeds it plants will fall on fertile ground ready to receive and grow the harvest of life-long disciples with a heart after God expressed through worship. 
  • Pray for future touring opportunities for 2022. We need opportunities at churches to do family concerts, lead worship and worship leader training/consulting. These in person and online events are an important way we support the ministry. Talk to your church about having Yancy. Share with them.
  • Pray for the new Little Praise Party-Out Of This World music releasing in 2022.  Yancy is so excited to release these new songs. These are truly Spirit inspired lessons that she has wrestled with and learned from and we know that God is going to do big things. 
  • Pray for funding and provision for our team. There is staff that we need to add and support that we need to make that possible. It’s getting harder for Yancy to wear all the hats that she needs to wear in the spotlight and behind the scenes. This year we are believing to be able to delegate some things and hire help to enable her to do what only she can do writing, creating and performing. 
  • Pray for favor. This is such a key ingredient in what we do. We want to be like David where scriptures says “The Lord gave David victory wherever he went.” Let it be said of us.

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