This is my first time using songs from the Little Praise Party albums. The children and teachers LOVE it. It has changed the whole atmosphere of our program. We have always been known as “the best preschool” in town, but to have parents message or stop you on the streets to talk about the music class their child comes to once a week as their “favorite time” all week!  Big stuff for us!  

Melissa Betts
First United Methodist Church of Cullman

Tonight I used your song “I Love You” with 1st-5th graders. It was AWESOME! Thank you so much for your workshop!

Andrea Hopgood

Worshipping @HillsongKidsNYC with @yancynotnancy …on the tv…one day in real life…

Mike V
Hillsong Church - New York City

Thanks for ministering so well to our children today! We are grateful for you.

Jeff Warren
Park Cities Baptist - Dallas

We love your music! Thank you for sharing the Word of God like you do! #DanceParty #TheKidsLoveYou



Brian Dollar
First Assembly North Little Rock - High Voltage Curriculum

Your CD has been our go-to jam at home and in the car!

Sam G

Had a great conversation today with Yancy. She has so much insight in the world of children’s worship!

Frank Bealer
Elevation Church

We are so grateful for you pouring into our kids’ lives. 

Victory Kidz

My autistic grandson loves your DVDs. He is non-verbal but he dances and tries to sing. Thank You!

Debi K

Listening to Roots for the Journey and reflecting on God’s faithfulness! Tears are flowing today with gratitude.

Christina H

Today was the first time I led worship for our elementary kids since attending your workshop.  It has changed the way I approach worship with them!  I wanted to let you know that God used your words to really change the way I lead worship.  THANK YOU!!

Heather Bonds
Judson Road Christian Church - Kokomo, IN

Can I just tell you how cool it is to hear my daughter walking around the house this morning singing, “It’s a brand new day and I want to say thank you”? You do good stuff girl.

Angus N

I teach at a preschool and your Little Praise Party music is our favorite. I can hear these kids singing or humming these songs all throughout the day. This is such an awesome ministry and way to really make an impact for Christ on these young lives!


I bought Taste and See and our kids are loving it! The messages in the songs are fabulous! Thank you!

Jennifer G

We love Yancy. Her Little Praise Party CDs and DVDs are a wonderful part of our lives. Her Little Praise Party app has also made our time in the hospital much more bearable. When my son was first diagnosed with neuroblastoma we were in the hospital for 21 days and had lots of procedures all over the hospital. Thanks to wi-fi and the Little Praise Party app, we could take Yancy with us! The Little Praise Party DVDs have come with us to every clinic visit and hospital visit since. We are very grateful for her music and its sweet message!

Jennifer H

I can’t begin to tell you the impact Little Praise Party has had on my children.  I am the mother of two autistic boys.  They fell in love with your music at VBS.  I purchased your CD then, and we have played it everyday since.  As with most autistic children, my boys have a hard time expressing themselves.  They also struggle with comprehension. Your music has given the wonderful lessons of Christ’s love and how to treat one another.  They often quote your songs to each other during moments of conflict, “love one another and be kind” and “Jesus told us to love Him and to love everyone”.  I have always struggled with whether or not my children would ever comprehend Christ’s love for them and salvation.  Your music has provided that message to two little boys, who might not otherwise understand.  We spend every moment that we are together as a family in the car listening to your music.  These kids have the songs memorized by their number on your CD and request the song they want by number!  I praise God for your gifts and that He brought your music into our lives!

Stacey M

I can’t begin to tell you how the Happy Day Everyday CD has touched me. How amazingly simple yet spirit led your music is, Thank YOU!  We have been dealing with small yet very real fears at night (insert “Bye, Bye, Bye”) I mean honestly! Thank you is all I can say!

Amber C

The Roots for the Journey album is beautiful. Crying through every song. The difference between yours and so much of the other is the Holy Spirit. The anointing on you, I felt it the very first time I heard you sing. Thank you!

Diana L