It’s February! The month of love. Valentines is only a couple weeks away. Hopefully you’re gearing up for all thinks red, pink and white and covered in hearts 🙂
You may be looking for a special Valentine for your kids or their classmates. We want to help spread the love. Place an order for any CD, Devotional, 10 Pack of CD’s or T-shirts and we will automatically double your order. Just enter the code: valentines2 at checkout.
Google checkout: remember to re-enter the coupon code on the Google checkout page.

So if you order one CD, we’ll send two. If you order 5 devotionals, we’ll send you 10. It’s a great time to stock up on gifts for birthday parties and such too.
Offer is available exclusively at through February 5th.
Happy month of love to you!
Team Yancy