Wow, it’s been awhile since I last wrote. Christmas came and went. After a few Christmas concert appearances, (which were a blast by the way) it was time to slow down and spend some time with family. We were here at home in Tennessee and spent Christmas day at my parents’ house and then friends came to our home for dinner. It was a great day! My husband’s family then came from Oklahoma for a visit for a few days. We experienced great food, a park, the Art Museum and the Science Adventure Center. It was a busy couple days but fun ones. New Year’s was spent quietly at home preparing for a great year and a few days that I spent with Children’s Pastors and volunteers at the Children’s Pastors’ Conference. It was fun to re-connect with old friends, meet new churches that use the music I create. (It’s always fun to hear their stories of how the kids they minister to respond to the music. And it’s very humbling when they stop to say “thank you”.)

We are now fully into the thick of January. I’m finishing up final details on my upcoming “Rock-N-Happy Heart the Devotional” that will release March 2nd. It’s 12 weeks of devotions for preteens that are tied to the songs on the “Rock-N-Happy Heart” CD. I’m really excited about where this devotional will go and the many lives it will touch.

I hit the road next weekend and will be at Lake Ann Camp in the Traverse City, MI area for a winter retreat. Oh boy….winter weather here I come!

Matthew 15:8 says: “Jesus said, ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.’”

Wow, have you been guilty of that? Make it a choice in 2010 to live your life fully devoted to serving Jesus through every choice you make. Give your heart completely to Him….if you do so, it will be an amazing year for you!

Love and blessings,