If you’re still squeezing on to summer this is the perfect song for you. The happy, pop vibe of Yancy’s newest Little Praise Party song is guaranteed to get you smiling from ear to ear. Life is changing all around us. Kids are transitioning back to school and seasons are shifting. Diagnoses are being given and other chapters are closing. Truth alert: Happiness has nothing to do with your circumstances. The mindset of this message is that we can choose joy and happiness no matter what we face. This song is rooted in the Bible promise “The joy of the Lord is our strength.” As you sing along you’ll notice a shift in your atmosphere as you choose happiness.

“I love how music can speak into our situation. This song is an attitude shifter. It hits the reset button and helps me navigate hard days by remembering where my strength comes from. I know your family will have on this one whether you whistle, snap or play the kazoo. Let’s choose the joy that Jesus gives us every single day. I hope this song adds some happy to your day.” says Yancy.

In “Choosing Happy” Yancy helps kids put joy into an action with a guest appearance from Brad G. The bridge says: “Put a smile on your face, dance and sing. Turn your frown upside down, jump and swing. Pretend you’re a superhero saving the day cause the joy of the Lord it is your strength. We’re choosing happy and we will sing.” Your family is guaranteed to groove and sing along on this one. No superhero cape is required but you’ll probably want to text a friend your favorite emojis to tell them about this fun and happy song! Push play!
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Listen https://sc.lnk.to/YLPPch

Video for Church and Groups https://www.worshiphousekids.com/kids-worship-song-tracks/97903/choosing-happy
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