Yancy & Little Praise Party are back with a rockin’ song of praise. You’ll be singing along right away in celebration that “God made all the things.”
Inspired by her preschool aged son, Rhythm, and all the questions he would ask about all the things Yancy began to pen this song. Asking the questions young kids do of why this and why that.  She loves bringing an educational element to her songs and included many colors and creations God made.

“Parenting has so many phases and seasons. There’s nothing like the questions of toddlers and preschoolers as they are exploring and learning about the things they see. In this busy season of parenting my son, full of questions, to understand how the world works I decided to turn his whys into a song to help kids learn about creation and the colors God made. Our greatest purpose is to bring praise to God through our life” Yancy shared.

Above all the beautiful things God made He made humans in his image and for His glory. We were made to bring Him praise in all we do. So get your feet tapping with the kick drum and clap those hands to the beat. 

Yancy’s music is described as “everything kids love and everything adults value.” This is music you want your kids to listen to and love. The bonus is you will too!
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