Because we really are passionate about helping leaders lead their congregation in worship we have a new resource for you. It’s called “Connect the Dots”. It’s available on DVD and is in stock ready to ship to you!

What is “Connect the Dots” you ask?

Transition and segue videos to help you prepare a heart of worship. 13 short videos (including 1 Christmas) to help you kick off a service or transition into worship or even between songs. Three versions are provided of each video. Original mix, click track and no audio. So whether you do worship using tracks or have a live band we’ve provided these videos with the flexibility you need for your services. Mp4 videos are also provided for use in your presentation software. The videos average a minute in length. Most are mid/slow tempo but we’ve included several uptempo action oriented videos too. Help take your worship to a new place and connect the dots as to why we should worship our awesome God. Watch the demo here!

Order your DVD or 3 pack of DVD’s today.