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In the first quarter or so of 2015 Yancy will be traveling to the following list of cities. There’s some flexibility in travel plans where Yancy is available on the following days to come to YOUR church. Whether you want to do a church-wide family concert, have me  lead worship, or something else we want to discuss your needs and see how we can create a unique opportunity for families and kids to have a blast at church worshipping God.

1/18 Sacramento, CA
1/25 Chattanooga, TN
2/8 Phoenix, AZ
2/11 Dallas, TX
2/22 (PM) Tulsa, OK
3/4 Indianapolis, IN
3/8 (PM) Detroit, MI
3/15 Bloomington, IL
3/25 or 29 Cincinnati, OH
4/8 or 12 Chicago, IL
4/19 Louisville, KY

Because we are already in the above cities on these days we can reduce our normal booking fee. Please email or call Megan at 615-631-6862 to get more info and lock-in your date.

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