As we close out 2023 and I reflect on the months that have come and gone, that is my thought. I’ve heard more testimonies from around the world this year than ever. I was able to teach a group of kids in Singapore about worship via technology. I heard from a mother of an autistic son who first found my music in a thrift store. It’s become his favorite and he takes his Yancy plush with him wherever he goes. My doll is literally doing life with him. A friend to remind him to praise the Lord at all times. I’ve watched lightbulbs go off on the faces of preteens as songs with powerful confessions became real to them. I have stood face to face with a young artist who told me I led worship at his camp when he was a preteen. He thanked me for the impact it made in his life. He’s now in his twenties and making Christian music himself. A father recently testified I was his preschooler’s worship leader/theologian and plays my whole YouTube playlist on repeat. My spirit lept when I read his words because I remember the line in the sand I made realizing that music shapes theology. The fact that through these songs I write and record I am imprinting the truth of God’s Word and the Gospel is a miracle in motion. It’s a great responsibility and I never want to take it lightly. Thank you for your partnership this year. One thing 2023 is teaching me is I can’t do this alone. Thank you for partnering with me to make Jesus loud. Together, may we continue to be a conduit that Jesus uses for His glory!



Lillenas Music asked me to create my very first Christmas musical for kids. Best Christmas Song Ever with Yancy released this year. I had my Dad, Jim Wideman, help me write the script and I wrote five original songs for the musical. It’s been so fun to see photos and videos of churches performing it this month. I even got to do a concert with a church that performed it, I joined the kids on stage and then closed out the night with my own Christmas set. Being a part of creating this musical has been one of the best dreams come true. Tell a church or Christian school you know about this resource for next year. It’s a whole lot of Christmas fun.

I recorded and released a few songs. Starting with Holy Forever. I knew this song was special the first time I heard it. The songs has been echoing in the church and ushering in a posture of worship that was so needed. I loved leading the song this summer at camps and know it will be a special part of many worship sets for years to come. https://sc.lnk.to/R1UNDk

Super Wonderful -Funky Franklin Remix was the next release. To celebrate my twenty-five years and counting of ministry I commissioned a remix of one of everybody’s favorite songs. It was a full-circle moment for me as Mom and songwriter. My son, Sparrow, who inspired me to write the song actually did the graffiti artwork illustration for the cover. It’s a whole special story that I’d love for you to read in full here: https://icont.ac/4Rll2 There’s also a shirt featuring Sparrow’s art available on our site. Get one to support the ministry work we are doing.

I also covered and released Grammy winning song Fear Is Not My Future.I knew the message of this song was needed for this generation. It’s a powerful confession of hope in this dark world. I’m thankful for how this song is helping young people navigate the hard things of life. https://sc.lnk.to/yo1qT4

We know 177 countries that push play on our music and resources. Isn’t that so cool? Social media is a gift when we you see a post or receive a message from a country so far away. It makes the most ordinary days feel extraordinary as you see the great commission at work and on display. Rejoice with us at the impact this represents. When Spotify released their annual Wrapped stats we learned about the 4.6 million streams we had over 442k listeners. That’s just on Spotify! Then you add in Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora and so many other platforms too. And we are independent. No label or major company helping us. It’s the support of people like you.  It’s pretty amazing to think about how together we are helping kids fall in love with Jesus one song at a time!

Our YouTube channel “YancynotNancy” continues to grow every single month. We have over 63,000 subscribers and in 2023 alone had over 14.3 million video views. Tell families you know to check out youtube.com/yancynotnancy to like and subscribe to our channel.

We continued our partnership with First Baptist Dallas’ iCampus Kids ministry. It’s an online children’s ministry and they have a new episode for both preschool and elementary each week. I lead worship for both. It’s been amazing to see photos and hear testimonies from around the world of people being blessed by this ministry.

Many articles and blogs were written for: Worship Musician Magazine, MinistrySpark.com, and other ministry organizations. I became a professor and taught my first college class as part of the spring semester at Ascent College. I taught breakouts on discipling kids in worship with leaders at Children’s Pastors Conference,

Experience Conference, Kidzmatter Conference, Metro, Bible Creative Online, COGOP Institute of Children’s Ministry and continued teaching as faculty in Kidmin Academy.

The Little Praise Party and Yancy music videos are made available to families through  partners like TBN, Right Now Media, Minno and Pure Flix. Churches like Life.Church use the music in all of their campuses! Curriculum resources like Disciplr, Awana and First Look partner to use our music. We are incredibly grateful for our partners that help us get the music videos out there so lives can be impacted beyond our own imagination.

We released new ministry resources. Two bundles of songs, lyric videos, motion tutorials, worship leader training, chord charts and more for preteen/elementary worship with Kidmin Worship Vol. 7 (Resurrection Songs) and Kidmin Worship Vol. 8 (Songs of Revival). We also have a new countdown bundle Let’s Get Started featuring 12 countdowns to my songs to kick-off services, etc. These exciting resources for churches are available store.yancyministries.com

I have been working on an art print of my statement “The ripple effect of your obedience goes farther than you could ever imagine.” I’m excited to say the 8×10 print is now available on our site. We hope to expand some other gift-able options in the new year.

I am confident of this mission: to help kids fall in love with Jesus one song at a time. 

Through the songs I write….
Through the messages I share with leaders…
Through the live events I get to do…..that is the goal. I want to help kids taste His presence!


  • We are praying about what’s next. I have a dream list of projects and seeking wisdom and provision for bringing them to life.
  • Pray for funding and provision for our team. There is staff that we need to add and support that we need to make that possible.With the growth we have seen it’s getting harder for me to wear all the hats that I need to wear in the spotlight and behind the scenes. This year we are believing to be able to delegate some things and hire help to enable her to do what only she can do writing, creating and performing. With the world of streaming there is so much volume of impact. The impact is great but the financial numbers don’t translate to the support that we need in order to pay recording and production costs of making new content. It’s a strange season. Every shirt sale and monthly support donor is becoming crucial to our future.
  • Pray for a larger office space. As Yancy Ministries grows we also need more space here in the headquarters to operate and grow from. Shipping and warehouse and a space large enough to film in would be a huge blessing too.
  • Pray for wisdom as we navigate some opportunities ahead of us. We want to hear God’s voice and walk in obedience in every relationship and partnership. May we have clarity on what God wants us to do vs. just what’s a good idea!
  • Pray for favor. This is such a key ingredient in what we do. We want to be like David where scriptures says “The Lord gave David victory wherever he went.” Let it be said of us.
  •  GIVE. If you’ve been blessed by our ministry, pay it forward for someone else to be impacted in the same way. Whether it’s a year-end donation or an ongoing monthly gift we will continue to make the best music out there for kids and families. Songs filled with God’s Word and great musicality too. Thanks for prayerfully considering how you can partner with us.

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We are so thankful for you. We rejoice in all God did in 2023 and are entering 2024 fully expectant for the amazing things He has in store. Happy New Year.

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