There is most definitely a chill in the air but it seems there’s an expectancy in the hearts of others. I know I say this alot but I LOVE Christmas…I really do. From the fake snow decorations to the Christmas drinks at Starbucks there’s just so much to celebrate. Obviously, today is Sunday and I hope you are going and/or have already been to a church service somewhere. I am spending the day in Columbus, OH at The Church Next Door (That’s really the name of it! 🙂 Great people here with great hearts for the community where they live. Blooming and flourishing where they are planted. I am blessed to get to lead them in worship and then have a Christmas concert for the family in the evening. I’m so excited about doing these songs live. It’s going to be a great day.

So today it’s time to talk about my song “Christmastime”. I wrote this song at my house early this year. I had gone through a year or so of changes…moving from a place I lived for most of my life, planning the move but waiting for a house to sell, building a house but my belongings were in storage….it was alot of hurry up and wait. Planning, wishing and waiting. All these changes resulted in time away from my family a couple Christmases ago. Then last year I got the best Christmas gift ever. We had been building a home and all along I had told my builder I wanted in by Christmas. Well, it was December and there was much left to do. The wish was starting to fade with the news of reality but miraculously the week before Christmas it all came together and we were able to move in on December 23rd. It was a dream come true. My builder called it “The Christmas Miracle”. (Seriously we’re talking about occupancy permits, power and water all in the same day!) We moved all day, went to the Amy Grant Christmas concert that night and then it was Christmas eve and Christmas day in our home. The waiting and wishing was over. Definitely a Christmas I won’t soon forget. So I think one day as I was sitting at my piano recounting all that had been sacrificed and also received I started painting the picture of the ideal Christmas setting in my mind. (Verse one of Christmastime) As I got to the chorus the words just rolled off. It’s so easy to get busy with the hustle and bustle, the things to do list, the things we want list, the RSVP for the 10 parties to go to, etc. However that’s not what Christmas is about. I hope that your day will be filled with the love, peace and hope we find in the Christmas story. Don’t forget to spread that hope around. To your family, your community. Never forget the miracle that was born. God’s son sent to us to be the perfect sacrifice so that our sin-severed relationship with God could be restored. Wow, it makes me want to sing just thinking of the awesomeness…..”Glory to God in the highest! Glory to God.” Never forget it’s all about that baby that was born named Jesus who everyday gives us love, peace and hope. Merry Christmas my friends.

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I really appreciate each of you and for taking the time read my thoughts. Stay warm and keep smiling!