Simply having a wonderful Christmastime…….so what is a wonderful Christmastime to you?  is it winter weather? Is it gifts received or gifts bought for others? Is it spending time with family and friends? I’m sure we all define it a little differently. Every family has it’s own traditions which is cool. I hope that however you define it you’re having a wonderful Christmastime. I love this season….maybe it’s cause we stop looking just at ourselves and spend a little extra time focusing on others. Whether that’s sticking some money in at the Salvation Army bell ringer or filling a shoebox with toys and basics for Operation Christmas Child, there’s plenty of opportunities out there for us to give. We are blessed so we can give to others. This season is all about giving….celebrating the greatest gift ever received.

“Wonderful Christmastime” originally was recorded and written by Paul McCartney. Obviously we all know Paul was a Beatle. This song was written after The Beatles but honestly how can you not love the English charm of Paul and his band mates. I was familiar with the song and had heard several covers by other artists and bands over the years. I have always loved the funkiness of the keyboards and synths that make up this song. It wasn’t on my first list of songs to do but quickly became a must on the list. There’s just something fun and special about the song. I think the song grooves along very nice…..there’s one friend of mine that lives in Missouri that says he puts the song on non-stop repeat. I was having a group of kids sing the song in preparation of my Christmas tour, they were dancing and having such a good and happy time singing along. That is what it’s about to me. This season is about joy. Joy is something we should choose every day. The Bible tells us: “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24 “The joy of the Lord is your strength”. Nehemiah 8:10. Even when times are hard we can choose joy. When times are good we can choose joy. I hope you’ll find much joy wherever you are today…let your wonderful Christmastime begin today!

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Happy Friday to you all.