Ho ho ho….man I heard reports of snow in places yesterday…..the winter season has arrived. I’m excited that it’s Day 3 during my 12 Days Of Christmas.

I was so excited to make my plans to record a Christmas CD this year. Thankfully I was thinking about it last Christmas and soaking up the season. I remember sitting around my music room in January and working on a few ideas to write a Christmas song. That’s kind of how “Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas” came about. In the summer I had been playing my guitar during a sound check in Arizona and came up with the guitar riff in the song but nothing else came. Then I had a few lines I had written stored away in my iphone. “I’m gonna paint this town red and green, with candy canes, snowflakes and sparkly things.” So sitting there one afternoon I started jamming out to the guitar riff and looking at the Christmas lyrics I had…..and cranked out the song. I wanted a fun, rocking, feel good song that said “Merry Christmas” and that’s what it is.

While recording the song we joked that it was an “angry” Christmas song but that’s just cause of the amount of rock in it. It was so fun to watch all the pieces come together and I have to say it’s one of my favorites. I think it truly is equal parts me and Christmas. I’ve had fun performing the song live already this past month and can’t wait to rock it on my Christmas tour that starts this weekend in Columbus, OH.

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I hope your day is a merry one. Fa la la la la…..till tomorrow.