It’s Day 10….that means there’s only two days left of my 12 days of Christmas…I think I’ll shed a tear right now. I’ve had a fun time sharing with you. Yesterday was a great day, I got to be a part of my church’s outreach to the community. They have a storefront at the mall where they provide free gift wrap. It’s a great way to show love to our community. I got to be one of the gift wrappers which was fun for me since I actually like to gift wrap plus I got to get to know a few people from my church that I didn’t know before.

My Day 10 special is a great one. You’ll want to spread the word to your friends about this one. Save $20 off of any 10 pack of CD’s. That means you get 10 CD’s for only $79 but only today 12-10-09. Use code: day10cdpack at checkout to receive the discount. You can choose any title:

Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas
Rock-N-Happy Heart
Loud & Clear!
Little Praise Party-My Best Friend (for preschoolers)
Rock-N-Happy Dance Party REMIX
So take a look at your gift list, use these CD’s as gifts, stocking stuffers, giveaways at school or church. The options are limitless.

Let’s take a look at “Angels We Have Heard On High”. I’ve grown up singing the song at church…it’s one of the great carols for worship so I know I’ve used the song many times in years past planning worship sets around Christmas for both kids and adults. I had a few arrangement ideas going into this which was stretching out the time in the verse and then I wanted to simplify the chorus which resulted in me writing my own “Gloria” chorus. The song is a mid-tempo acoustic rock song but one thing I loved in the early stages of recording is how easy people could jump in and singalong after just hearing the re-write shortly before. (That’s always a really good thing for a songwriter). Then I decided to use the “in excelsis deo” lyric as a bridge. So it’s kind of like a wedding good luck charm. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue (the blue can be the minor chord used in the verse 🙂 So, if you haven’t listened already you should. You can listen to the record on the media page of my website just skip ahead to track 8. Happy listening.

Let’s join in with the angels and let our lives sing “Glory to God in the highest….Gloria today.”

Until tomorrow,