It’s December! The month of Christmas is finally here. I decided to help kick off December I’d do a little something special here on my blog. It’s “Yancy’s 12 Days of Christmas”. For the next 12 days I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Christmas, stories behind the songs on my “Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas” CD and maybe even a few recipes. It should be alot of fun. Another exciting thing I think is the specials I’ll be offering. These will be one day deals that I’ll be offering so make sure you check back everyday.

Remember to think of those young and old on your Christmas list too. So here we are it’s Day 1 of Yancy’s 12 Days of Christmas”. Today’s special is buy a “Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas Ministry Combo” which is the CD/DVD set and you’ll get a “Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas” T-shirt for free. Make sure you add the t-shirt and desired size to your shopping cart then use the code: day1tshirt to get your t-shirt for free. This special is only for December 1st so don’t wait, the clock is ticking.

I love Christmas. I really do. It’s most definitely my favorite holiday. Obviously it’s more than just a day or even a season. Christmas is what our lives as Christians are all about. God loved you and me so much He gave! He gave His son to come and live a perfect life. Jesus is why we celebrate. I love all the attention that His birthday brings especially from believers and even non believers.

I think a huge factor in me loving Christmas so much is my parents love Christmas. It’s always been a really big deal at our house growing up. Lots of decorations….we’re talking multiple trees. My mom has a tree in the kitchen with cookie cutters all over it. Another tree which is a crowd favorite that has old jewelry on it: necklaces, broaches, etc. Me and my sister both had trees in our rooms we’d decorate with our ornaments so the love for the season started early at our house. My parents were married in November so as they tell the story they didn’t have a lot of money back then and on their honeymoon all the Christmas decorations were out so they bought a couple ornaments as souvenirs and those couple ornaments have turned into a whole bunch of ornaments and quite a big collection some thirty-one years later.

In the past six years that I’ve been married our collection that started off with my little 4 foot tree from growing up has turned into a pretty decent collection. I’ve had a smaller pink tree for a number of years but a couple years ago bought the full size pink tree that you see on the cover of “Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas”. That tree this year is in my music room. The same room where I wrote “Christmastime” and “Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas” the two songs that I wrote on the CD.

I love life.
I love Christmas.
But most of all I love Jesus.

Remember Him in everything you do this season from trimming the tree to baking pies. The celebration is all for Him.

Talk to you again tomorrow for day 2!