Last week Yancy’s assistant, Megan Smidt, interviewed Yancy about the new album Roots for the Journey. If you didn’t read it last week, you can here

Today, we are flipping the conversation around and Yancy is the one interviewing Megan. Listen in on the conversation.

1. What all is included in your day-to-day “job” for Yancy?

I fulfill website orders, pray over them, and ship them. I’m the happy lady you talk too if you call the office! I work with our wholesale customers and even handle music licensing. I am the contact between Yancy and the churches she plays at to ensure all goes smoothly for a GREAT performance and I get to play with Sparrow a bit, too! I help with social media and one of my favorite job-hats is selling all things Yancy at conferences all over the country! I get to meet the coolest people and share Yancy-love!

2. What little known fact about Yancy do you think more people should know?

If you are ever going to a new city and don’t know where to eat or shop, Yancy is the perfect resource for you! Seriously, she needs her own app for this! We could call it “Go” or “Don’t be a turkey, just eat here” or “I like to shop everyday.”  I’m not kidding, she has NEVER  been wrong when suggesting amazing food, ice cream or shopping to me!

3. What are your favorite three songs on Roots for the Journey  and why?

“Creator” is my top favorite because it so tenderly speaks to my heart of how God knows each of us so intimately and how he yearns for us to know Him just as well! My favorite line “In every season, make me who you want me to be” rings through my soul all day long and brings tears to my eyes as I type this. THAT is the prayer of my heart and I pray that is the legacy I can leave behind for my own kids and all the lives I touch.

Being from SoCal, I’m a HUGE Switchfoot fan, so I was very pleased to see Yancy cover “White As Snow” on this record! Incredible song and I love the tender but powerful way she sings it here. I love sitting on my porch in the Word and playing this one. Make me whole, Lord!

Number 3….. “Trust.” This song makes me so happy and I love how Yancy sounds next to the dreamy boy voice 🙂 It’s hard not to listen to this song with a smile on my face and tears streaming down my cheeks at the same time. God wants so much for all of us to live a full life, leaving all our burdens to Him! He’s got this….. so all we have to do is give our troubles back to HIm and sing along to this tune with a happy heart knowing He has so much more for us than to worry, fear or hurt.

4. Believing in what you do is important. Why do you believe in Yancy’s ministry and music to families?

Yancy is the real-deal! I have served at church and worked with her for over two years now and in addition to being one of the most amazing moms I know, she so loves God with all she is! She prays over decisions with her ministry and she conducts herself with high integrity. Her work-ethic is unparalleled and she really cares about people. Yancy is also my daughter’s group leader at church and I love how she has even impacted her life and her walk with God through her service there.

Her family also treat me like family and that speaks volumes to me. They all appreciate what I contribute to Yancy’s Ministry and even all the millions of photos I take of Sparrow and that warms my heart!

I love that my kids feel good about my job and it really is an honor to work for someone who is such an incredible woman of God and role-model! My favorite is when we receive school reports or projects in the mail that kids did about Yancy! I like to put them up in the stockroom because they remind me of the incredible impact we all have (not just Yancy) on lives we touch…. but it’s up to us to let God lead that, get out of His way, and be our best for His glory!

5. What do fun hair, crazy jewelry and glitter have in common?

Three of our favorite things 🙂 Yes, Yancy and I are two peas in a pod and love all things FUN! At conferences, people ask me if I’m her sister (or mom! *shock*) but honestly, those three things are how we even met! I saw Yancy perform with our worship team at church and just knew in my heart that we had to be friends. I sent her a message and she responded back that she noticed me and that I looked a little too funky (like her) and the rest is history! I came to her baby shower and shortly after that, she sent me a message telling me that God told her to contact me about being her assistant. The night before I got her message, I had been crying out to God for direction on what I should do about working, I only wanted to get a job if it was His will and I was so confused about what to do.

I love sharing this story when people ask me how I began working for Yancy because it just shows that God is at work all around each of us every day…. it’s just up to us to stop trying to do it all in our own power, ask Him for help, and let Him guide us and not be afraid to act when He tells us to.

Oh ,and Y….. you forgot PAPER 🙂 We love paper 🙂

About Megan Smidt:

Megan is Personal Assistant to Yancy and also a Certified Christian Life Coach specializing in Relationship Coaching and more specifically, Blended Family Relationships. She and her husband Craig have been married 8 years.  She is the adoptive full-time mother to Craig’s 5 children from a previous marriage, all ranging in age from 21 years old to 15. Megan is very active in her church and in ministering to women. She leads a family small group in her home every week along with her husband and she works with teenagers at church on Thursday nights. Megan loves to travel and spend time with family and friends. She enjoys reading, music, movies, photography, paper crafting, sewing and roller skating.  She is silly, fun, and loves making new friends!

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Instagram:  meguhrazzi

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