photoYou may or may not be familiar with Worship House Media. They have a website that is amazing for churches. On their site they offer all kinds of different video media from countdowns to sermon bumpers and funny skits that feature great content for church services. They have a sister site called and feature all of my live lyric videos for worship and Little Praise Party videos. I recently got word that for the second year in a row (insert excited scream!) I won their “Producer Awards Customers’ Choice for WorshipHouseKids”. This is based on sales and well, my Little Praise Party song “Father Abraham” won the award this year! Woo hoo…..that’s pretty awesome! I’m gonna go do my little happy dance now.

In all seriousness I love creating resources the church can use. Anytime I find out that a church, and therefore the flock at the church represented, is being impacted by my music I am humbled and grateful. I love knowing that I’m helping to make a difference and teach a new generation about the amazing love of Jesus!