IMG_0529Last night I had a concert in Little Rock, AR at First Assembly of God. I was there a couple years ago and their children’s pastor, Brian Dollar is a friend. I remember as “Roots for the Journey” first released hearing a story about a sick little girl in Brian’s church. If you don’t know much about “Roots for the Journey”, it’s scripture filled music that is very acoustic, calm, peaceful and worship filled. This music is soothing to the soul and renews the mind that God’s Word is true, living and active. It’s promises are for us, today, no matter what we face.

At my concert last night, I received a special gift. I got to meet Morgan. The little girl who although at one point was near death is now healthy and strong and you would never have known she had been so sick last year. She’s adorable by the way. Morgan has spent the past couple weeks working on a gift for me. She painted e a picture with a guitar on it (and did a mighty fine job!) and the message “When words fail, music speaks.” Here is the sweet message that her Mom wrote on the back about Morgan’s story and the affect that my music played in their family’s life.

In April of 2013 Morgan, who was 6 years old at the time, became very ill. She was hospitalized for a long time, including an extensive stay in ICU. For days no one could tell us if she would survive the unknown illness. But, God healed our baby! She eventually gained speech and motor skills back. After a long journey we brought her home. Unexpectedly she began struggling with very traumatic flash backs of everything she had been through. She was gripped with fear. We prayed-we had friends praying. Words failed us as we tried to comfort her. Then a package from you arrived. That night we played “Roots for the Journey” in her room as she went to bed. She slept so peacefully and has never again had fear or flashbacks. Your music spoke when words failed. Thank you for sharing God’s gift through song. We appreciate you!

The Jones

I love stories like this…because I do believe in the power of music. And I believe even stronger the power of music that is filled with the truth of God’s Word. I am grateful to be a voice God uses to help others draw close to the Lord. Anytime you have people connect with the songs you write and the words you sing it is truly a gift. One by one, story by story we are impacting individuals, families and communities by this ministry. Thank you for your love and support that enables stories like the one I shared happen. Last night, was a special one. I got to meet and hug Morgan. I’m taking home her adorable painting to remind me once again of the power of music. I’m thankful today to do what I do. I’ll keep making Jesus loud in each and every song.