I hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year’s. A few days ago I was thinking about this subject that I wrote a guest post on a couple years ago. The site I originally wrote the post for is no more so I decided I’d share it with you here. Enjoy.

WHAT’S YOUR FASHION VOICE? (originally written November 2012)

This is my very first Together in Ten post. I’m super excited and then maybe a little freaked out. I make music for families and I’m used to writing about my music and faith and things that move me but fashion tips and advice well, this is a new one. Although coming from someone who on vacation spends majority of it shopping I’m sure I’ll do just fine. Yes, I claim shopping as a hobby of mine! I LOVE it. My closet and drawers will vouch for this obsession of mine. (Not that I’m calling it an obsession but I’m sure other people would call it that!)

In addition to my life making music I am a wife and mother. My son, Sparrow, is 20 months. I have a confession and that is I don’t know that I can get together in ten. As a teen I remember allowing two yes, TWO hours to get myself dressed. Granted I had some permed flowing locks and bangs to get styled just right but seriously what did I do for two hours? Now, I’m much faster but I probably need 45-60 minutes to get myself completely clean and dressed. If I get dressed in ten minutes then that means I didn’t bathe and am probably wearing yesterday’s clothes and makeup. Not saying that to discourage you but rather be honest. Yeah, I can brush my teeth, dry my hair and fix it in ten minutes. I can even put on my makeup and jewelry in ten minutes. I just can’t wash my hair, wear makeup and leave the house in some fancy duds that quickly. 

Over the past couple years I’ve realized something about my closet. It’s at a place now where it all works together. One thing may be from eight years ago, another three years ago and something else brand new. Why is that? More than any trend out there (and I’m not against them) I have a theme that is me. When you buy clothes that you love and speak to you  whether that includes colors or prints then what you build is not just a wardrobe but a collection of tools to help you look you when you walk out the door. Sure, my style may be more wild and extreme or maybe even gaudy then what you care for but the principle is true. What do you love? What colors speak to you and you look best in? Don’t just buy clothes but buy the things you love and build your wardrobe in your favorite things. What happens then is you have a pair of black and white polka dot pumps from seven years ago that look amazing with that black and white polka dot top you bought this past spring. The collection works together like the greatest teamwork talk you could ever have been given by your boss or even the one you gave to your child yesterday about getting along with their sibling.

So my question for you is this. What’s your fashion voice? What are your favorite patterns and colors? Does your wardrobe have those patterns and colors? If not, why not? If it does then start mixing and matching and recreating in new ways this look that is you. You have a fashion voice whether it’s “I don’t care”, “gym slob”, or “I”m happy to be me.” Hello, episode of “What Not To Wear”. You’ve seen the progression that happens when you just choose to dress yourself like you care.

Here’s a picture from a photo shoot I did a few weeks ago. You can see what I mean by favorites. There are many reoccurring themes both in color and pattern here but yet, all different outfits. At the end of the day they are me: Wife, mother, artist, fashion lover, Jesus follower, Yancy.

Until next time, I’ll be trying to speed up my get dressed time to be closer to ten 🙂 and doing some Christmas shopping, yes!