Here we are right in the midst of the month of love. Love is in the air and all around us. In just a little over two months one of my favorite events of the year will take place in Atlanta, GA. As you may have guessed it the Orange Conference will take place April 26-28, 2017. I am thrilled to be on the schedule to teach a breakout about my favorite topic. I’ll be teaching about worship for preschool and elementary ages. I’d love for you to be there to explore and dive into this topic with me. You need to go ahead and sign up for my breakout as many of the options will fill up. It’s not to early to lock in your plans.

I have been at every Orange Conference so far since it’s inception back in 2007. Here is my short list of things I LOVE about Orange Conference.


Every general session is packed with music. It’s fun music and worship music and each song is done by a group of stellar vocalists and musicians from Atlanta. There is so much to love. Music creates an atmosphere. It connects you and helps you remember memories from your life. It soothes and comforts your heart. It gives you a communication to our Heavenly Father. There are so many reasons I love the music.


I personally know many people from the Orange organization. I don’t know of a group of people that work harder and more diligently at developing a strategy of how to do ministry and help you refine and grow as you move forward. 


I feel like each year is coming home to a big old family reunion. I love seeing familiar faces of friends in ministry. Catching up on their family and ministry is a highlight. We are all in this together and I walk away with a new reminder of this each year.

So there’s my short list of what I LOVE about Orange Conference. I’d love to see you there. I’ll be watching for you.