September 11th. Two words that say so much. These past eleven years this country has been on a journey. There were some boulders thrown in our path and I don’t believe any of us could ever forget where we were when…

I was in a hotel in Ohio when the first tower was hit. By the time we loaded up the car and started heading off to the next city for my concert that night the second tower was hit. My Mom was with me and I clearly remember her concern and sadness that life as we knew it would be no more. My concert turned into a cancelled concert and a long drive headed back towards home. The closest the rental car company would allow us to take the car was St. Louis. We met my Dad and sister there, spent the night at a hotel, waited in line for gasoline and headed home the next day.

Since that day…
Countless lives have been lost.
Thousands of days have separated families.
Little girls and boys have sacrificed their Mommies and Daddies.
What was taken cannot be restored.

Today we remember and say a special thanks to all those that serve our country. Every soldier, policeman, fireman, emergency responder. Those behind the scenes and on the frontlines. You serve our country to protect us and keep our freedoms.
We are grateful.
We are America.

God bless America…In God we trust!