Recently, I have received many VBS questions and now that this summer’s official VBS season is nearly done, I wanted to let every know our plans for 2017 VBS. 

I am so thankful for the last five years partnering with Standard Publishing (now Christian Standard Media) VBS. This last year was the best ever many of you have sent me great stories about the impact on your kid’s lives. Unfortunately because of major changes within their company, I will not be involved in a VBS program for 2017. 

If you are a VBS leader, I know you are a great planner and understand that publishers are making plans now for their 2018 VBS. If music from Yancy Ministries has worked well  for you in the past, I would appreciate you letting your favorite VBS publisher know right now that you would like to see Yancy music in their VBS program.  It is time to make your voice heard. That will really help us get things rolling for the future to find a new partner and home for my music to be included in a VBS program. 

It is my honor and joy to create music resources for the Church. Thank you for your continued support and use of resources from Yancy Ministries!


P.S. In a few months, I’ll be sending out suggestions of my songs that will work great with many of the 2017 themes. I hope you will consider adding our music into the program you choose.