Every year I look forward to a conference that happens down south in Atlanta, GA. I have been at the conference every year since it launched in 2007 and wow, what a think tank it is for ideas on how churches can win well at partnering with the families in their congregation. You may have heard of Reggie Joiner, Orange, 252, First Look, Amber Sky….the list could go on and one. If you’re not familiar with the Orange strategy then I encourage you to dive in and see what all this company is doing that you as a church and as a parent could benefit from.

Orange Conference is happening this year April 30-May 2 down in Atlanta. http://theorangeconference.com

As an attendee one of my favorite parts of Orange is the general sessions. In my opinion these experiences are worth the travel time and the expense to get there. You’ll experience creativity that always inspires me. You’ll hear amazing communicators that I believe God uses mightily to speak the things that not enough Christian leaders are speaking. You’ll tap your foot and clap your hands along with some incredible musicians that will remind of music’s ability to teach a message as well as lead you into God’s presence through worship. You’ll laugh. They get some truly funny people and shenanigans on stage that will help you relax and just be. Every year I hear at least one message that I meditate on and share with others all year long. It’s the kind of truth that helps shape you into a better leader, spouse, parent and friend.

I’ve had the chance to be a part of Orange many times sharing music and teaching breakouts. It’s always a honor to impart and share what God has given me with other leaders that desire for their kids worship times to be great, to be something that actually teaches kids to worship and is done with excellence. I’m grateful for the chance that Orange has given me over the years to help leaders win in the area of kids’ worship.

In the breakout sessions is where the topics get broken down and the age group focus happens. (Oh yeah, did I mention the cool part about Orange is all in the same room at the same event you’ll find Senior Pastors, Student Ministry Leaders, Children’s Ministry, Preschool Ministry and more?) So never, fear between the pre-conference session and the breakouts happening through out you’ll be able to get some of those hands on basic tools pertaining to your area of ministry focus. Here is the full list of breakout sessions for 2014.

OK, so here’s the cool part. I get to give away a FREE Conference registration to this year’s Orange Conference! Woo hoo. Happy dance. Oh yeah. So here’s the scoop.

To enter to win this free pass to Orange Conference post on facebook, twitter or instagram:

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  • 4. One lucky winner will be chosen. (Your privacy settings will have to be set to public for us to see and find your posts to choose one lucky winner at random. The Orange Conference 2014 will take place in Atlanta, April 30-May 2. Winner will receive a ticket to the Main Conference. Pre-conference may be purchased at an additional cost. Conference ticket will be issued via email by Orange staff. If the winner has previously registered for OC14, the ticket will be refunded.

P.S. Passion oozes out of this event: The staff, the presenters, the attenders. I’ve never experienced a group of people more passionate and committed to working dilligently and effectively at helping churches help families win. I love Orange. I love it’s staff. I love it’s strategy. I love it’s leader, Reggie Joiner, he is a true friend. He is genuine and this world is truly a better place because of how he obeys God and the message he allows God to speak through him.

I hope I see you there. Come tap me on the shoulder and say hi when you see me there. Orangealicious baby, here we come!