Life isn’t perfect and it’s not always fair. I spent a good portion of my life in what felt like a fairy tale. I had a great childhood and was fortunate to have some incredible teachers and leaders who coached and encouraged me. I had amazing parents who no doubt were my biggest cheerleaders. In fact my Dad’s uplifting words letting me know how much He believed in me were something so familiar I didn’t even notice how valuable they were until a peer asked me about it one day. It made me stop and notice how blessed I was and still am. Obviously no one is perfect and neither was I but looking back the good far outweighed the bad so yeah, it was a pretty great fairy tale. Then one day “life” happened. People did things and said things that hurt. I was being shaken. My world was crumbling around me as I sat back and watched. I didn’t ask for the change. I didn’t even think I wanted it. I had no idea what was around the corner, past the rubble, where I would pick up the pieces and experience what God had in store for me.

I grew up around children’s ministry. Yes, I’m a PK of a children’s ministry veteran. From an early age I knew that God wanted to use my love and talent of music for His glory. So, I took piano lessons and sang every chance I could get. My first concert was when I was fifteen and first album at seventeen. My journey had set sail. I went back and forth to Nashville writing songs and recording, learning the ropes of the music business. I performed concerts and even wrote a #1 song (Avalon’s “I Don’t Want to Go”) by the time I was twenty. On my journey I started leading worship at church, A LOT. It wasn’t just for adults it was students and kids too. God kept expanding my path into worship and kids music and it was on that path I read a verse in the Bible that still impacts me and leaves me in awe to this day:

Psalms 8:1&2 says “God, brilliant Lord, Yours is a household name. Nursing infants gurgle choruses about You; toddlers shout the songs that drown out enemy talk, and silence atheist babble.” (MSG)

That is huge! A little child that doesn’t always obey and has snot bubbling out of their nose has such power in their worship to God that the atheist is stopped in their tracks. Kids get it and their pure worship will have an astounding affect on those around them. They can be the positive example to other kids their own age. They can impact a relative that doesn’t know God simply by the songs that come out of their mouth. Whether it’s silly and fun rocking out in the car or serious and prayer-like reverence, I believe that nothing brings God greater fame than a child singing the praises of our King.

I’ve been transformed since reading that verse in Psalm 8. I’ve spent the past seven years writing, producing and performing music exclusively for kids and families. It is one of my greatest joys. Each week churches and families sing my songs. In the summer my songs are sung at VBS around the world. Each month families download the “Little Praise Party” app for sing-along fun on the go. (iOS and Android)

My most recent past and life as I know it would not have the same story if I would have fallen victim to the cards that life dealt. See, I’m always amazed at how people turn their backs on God because of other people. If I believe the Word of God is true than I have to let it define my view of God and not someone else’s actions. I experienced a beautiful thing when my world was crumbling. Man had done things wrong to me. Christians had done things unfair. But, that stuff had nothing to do with God and His love for me. Through it all I was able to keep my eyes on Him and trust He had numbered my days and ordained my steps. Do you remember when Joseph said in Genesis 50:20 “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (NIV)?

One of the best compliments I’ve been given is, “when you were shaken, the Word of God is what came out.” I want that same response for my children. I want that for your children. If we want it to come out, we first have to put it in. Input, Output. We have to plant it and let it take root in the ground of our hearts so it can grow. One new song I recently recorded that has done that for my family is “Good Good Father.” As Father’s Day approaches, I encourage you to use it for your family and church. You can download the video here, get the product here, or download on iTunes here

I write songs of praise that are filled with the truth and instruction of God’s Word. I genuinely want to help young hearts taste and see that the Lord is good. I don’t want more believers to walk away from the Kingdom of light because they experience some darkness. I want to shine through the songs I write and sing and plant truth in the hearts of young and old. My prayer is that this generation will experience the love and goodness of our God who is good.