Greetings from Tennessee to you and yours. I’m expectant for the season ahead and all the time with family and friends. This year marks twenty-two years of music and ministry. I am excited to have released some new music for Christmas. Make sure you check out my latest: O Come, O Come Emmanuel and Not About the Weather wherever you listen to music. Churches and schools can use the accompanying video and get that from Not About the Weather was a super special release because it’s the first song of fifteen that I’ve been working hard on. To have this new song release was a huge milestone release. Let me back up and tell you why.

At the beginning of this year God gave me the word, BEGIN. It’s been nearly five years since I released new music in my Little Praise Party series. I had known for a couple years that it was time but honestly didn’t move forward even writing the songs because I knew that I didn’t have the money to make the project happen. Last December, I got to visit the Ark Encounter which was amazing. My big takeaway from the experience, seeing the massive size of what Noah built was OBEDIENCE. Noah obeyed. He heard God speak and he took action. Even when it didn’t make sense. Even when everyone else questioned him, he moved forward in faith and obedience. We live our lives today because of the fruit of Noah obeying. That lesson is one that has replayed in my thoughts over and over this year. So when God told me to begin I knew that He was asking for my obedience. I’ve learned enough along the way to know you have to make room to receive. If I wanted to record the songs I had to first write them. Honestly I knew I had the budget to make the recordings happen. I put the dates on the calendar. I listened back to many, many voice memos and notes and started turning these ideas into songs. In August, I started the recording process and even signed the contract to make the videos. Signing that contract was a huge step of faith because in the natural I didn’t know how the money was going to be there but again, God told me to begin and that requires faith and trust. My animators are incredible partners in making the story of these songs come to life and engage kids. Weekly I have Moms tag me in videos of their toddlers dancing and singing along in the living room and family car. Every post is a testimony to the impact made through the words, melodies and Biblical truth these songs hold. As families sing along that truth is being planted in their spirits and because of the power of music will be with them for many decades to come! GLORY be to God!

I often stand back blown away at how God has taken my songs literally around the world. Many of your families and churches have been impacted by the ministry. Last year we were able to count up over 76 countries that use my music. Literally thousands of churches use my videos in their ministry every week. I love that the size and location is so varied:  Some of the most famous churches out there, cities of all sizes and the most ordinary places are included in the list. Plain and simple we are sharing the good news! Just in the past few weeks we’ve received reports from the Philippines, Romania, Madagascar and seen posts of children in hospital beds singing along to the songs. The Little Praise Party videos are made available to families through partners like TBN, Right Now Media, Minno (Jelly Telly) and Pure Flix. This side of Heaven I will never fully understand the harvest that my obedience reaps. A children’s ministry leader recently sent a message that said: “Many of our kids have grown up listening and worshipping along with your music. They feel like you’re an old friend. Thanks for all you do for the kingdom of God. I know in Heaven one day kids from around the world will want to sing along side you as we all sing together in worship to our King!” Yep, I needed a kleenex.

This video project will be $44,000 to get it completed. Over the past few months I had fundraisers on Facebook, Jason’s Deli and Blaze Pizza. I made a t-shirt to support it (see below). I also have had two children’s ministries have their kids raise money through their missions offering to sow into this project. The very kids that have been impacted by what I do rallied together to give so more kids just like them could be impacted in the same way. Wow!

I am still in need of $29,400 to make all the videos and final masters needed to make this project available to churches, schools and families around the world. The music is about 90% done and we will be finishing up the audio this month. Contractually all fifteen videos will be finished by April. Starting in January we will release these songs one at a time each month and are still solidifying the final release date for the full album of songs. Plain and simple, I need your help. As 2019 comes to a finish and you consider any year-end giving opportunities I can guarantee you that this is ground that yields eternal results.


  • PRAY for this project as we finish up the music in the studio and our animation team creates the videos for each of the 15 songs.
  • GIVE towards this $29,400 budget need? You can give a tax-deductible one-time or monthly gift online at or send a check to:

2441-Q Old Fort Pkwy #354, Murfreesboro, TN 37128.

  •      GET A T-SHIRT for my song “Super Wonderful” or a “Made in Nashville” Little Praise Party .BANDANA All those proceeds are going towards this project.
  • Do you know anyone who would be willing to give towards this project? SHARE with them this ministry and vision.
  • Have your Church or Children’s Ministry SUPPORT this ministry to make Jesus loud with a mission offering.

You can go to for quick links to all of the options.

I am so excited for these songs to get out there. I have experienced the birthing process in a richer way. These songs are filled with Biblical truth that all of us, young and old, need.  They are messages that will help us fan the flame that burns within us. Together we can make Jesus loud to this generation to impact generations to come with our obedience.

May you be blessed above all you could ask, think or imagine!