Dear friends and ministry partners,

Every single week I receive posts, pictures, emails and videos of my songs in action. Whether it be from a parent sharing how the music has impacted their child or a church leader sharing how the worship resources has transformed their ministry, every single time I am reminded why I do this. Each story represents lives impacted. I often stand back blown away at how God has taken my songs literally around the world. This year we were able to count up over 76 countries that use my music. Literally thousands of churches use my videos in their ministry every week. I love that the size and location is so varied:  Some of the most famous churches out there, cities of all sizes and the most ordinary places are included in the list. Plain and simple we are sharing the good news!

In 2018 we are grateful for partners like TBN, Right Now Media, Jelly Telly, Pure Flix, Disciplr and WorshipHouseKids (Salem Church Media) that help us get the music seen and heard. I wrote songs for Orange Kids Music and their 252 and First Look curriculums. A highlight was recording “Friends” in Michael W. Smith’s studio with his son Tyler producing for an international project called “Home” to help kids dealing with grief. I love all the big and little ways that God reminds us that we are His children. He delights in caring for and blessing us. I had fun traveling this year with my boys in tow: Sparrow (8) and Rhythm (2). They are growing fast but are true champions and inspirations for me in this season of ministry. 

Would you help me? 

·       Pray for opportunities at churches to do family concert, lead worship and worship leader training/consulting. These events are an important way we support the ministry. Talk to your church about having me.

·       Pray for the next Little Praise Party to come to life. This is the #1 thing I do that I hear from people they love. Our last batch of songs released in 2015 so it is due time to make a new album of songs.

o    Songwriting: God-breathed new songs. I have a list of ideas and will be working to complete the songs in the upcoming months.

o    Funds: We will need to raise $50,000 of support to complete the audio and video.  We know God is big and He can do it!

I’d love to release new seasonal material this year. It’s a huge help to churches. We’d love to make new Christmas music but it all comes  down to funding to make it happen. Pray for direction and provision.

You can be a part of what God has called us to do. As the year ends, don’t forget that we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your gifts to this ministry are tax-deductible. You may feel led to partner with us with on going monthly support or a one-time contribution to one of the projects we shared about. We appreciate your support and your commitment to help us provide worship resources for the Church and music that makes Jesus loud for the family. Your gifts are vital in our future. GIVE NOW!

Thank you for your love, prayers and support. Much love to you and your family this Christmas!

Yancy Ministries, Inc.