Wow, the past couple months have been busy. This past weekend I completed the spring leg of the SuperStart tour, and was leading worship. It was a blast being on the tour for the third year. The Lads were out with us too. If you haven’t heard of The Lads check them out at In addition to Super Start I’ve been in a host of churches doing special Sunday morning experiences or family concerts. It’s always a joy to be invited to churches and share my music. Last week I was in San Diego at the Children’s Pastors Conference. A Pastor walked up and handed me a card from the kids at his church thanking me for the song “Shout!”. So humbling to get to do what I do and be a small part of the listener’s experience and journey to Christ. I am very, very blessed.

It’s now officially spring and- wow. Everything from 60 degree weather to snow storms this past weekend here across the US. I’m excited to be heading back out west to Sunny southern California this week for a little R&R. I’m so excited to have some down time in one of my favorite places. I’ll be at South Hills Church in Corona this Sunday too so if you’re in the area. Come out…I’ll be leading worship for the main service. When I return home I’m going to be hitting the ground hard writing and planning my next record. I plan to be back in the studio during the month of May. I can’t wait to record some new songs and get back out there on the road to share the music!

Back to the topic of spring. A friend of mine was doing some cleaning and restructuring a few weeks back and posted a twitter message that said “Amazing liberation comes from throwing away junk you’ve been keeping. True spiritually too.” That really stuck out at me. It’s easy for us to see that our closet can’t possibly hold anything else or see a mess that we know needs cleaning. Every day we’re home we see the reality of the situation. Often times it’s a lot less likely that we notice the same thing happening in our spirits. It might be the hardening of our heart. It could be some hurts that we’re holding onto repeatedly scratching the scab off the wound instead of letting the hurt be healed the One who wants to heal us. There could be some bad habits that you need to overcome. Guess what, we can have a spiritual spring cleaning. Start by examining your heart, life and actions. If you need to grab a pen and paper and make a list. Just like cleaning the garage or a closet. Make a “keep pile” and a “trash pile”. Look at what you need to let go of. Pray and ask God for His help to get rid of the dirt in your spirit. Ask Him to help you each day to choose right things and overcome evil with good.

Until next time….keep on dreaming big dreams. Our God is big and has a plan for you!