Year End Giving-Show Your Support

If you’re looking for a place to GIVE as this year ends. Please consider supporting Yancy Ministries, Inc. for year-end tax deductible donations. Here’s a link to do so online  Your gifts will help us spread the love of Jesus and the Word of God into young hearts and families around the world through the songs, videos and church resources we create. There’s a generation rising up that will thank you in the days and years ahead.

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Year End Giving

As you consider your year end giving options please consider supporting Yancy Ministries. You can give online here  or find the address to mail a check. All gifts are tax deductible and must be received or postmarked by Dec 31st for 2013 credit.

Already in the plans for 2014 is a spanish album and a new Little Praise Party for preschoolers. We can not do this ministry to children and families without the faithful love and support of people like you.

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Year End Tax Giving…An Opportunity To Make An Impact

I hope your Christmas was grand…..I had an amazing time filled with family and friends, Christmas eve services and activities. As we are nearing the end of 2010 and approaching 2011 I wanted to remind you of an opportunity. To receive tax credit for your 2010 donations to Yancy Ministries, Inc. we must receive them or have them postmarked by 12/31/10. A few weeks back I posted about an opportunity I have for you to join me in impacting families and especially preschool age kids through a project called “Little Praise Party”.

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