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Have you checked the super awesome deal on ALL of my music and worship videos happening right now at You will get all of my worship live lyric videos from my albums:

  • Jesus Music Box
  • Stars, Guitars & Megaphone Dreams
  • Rock-N-Happy Heart
  • Little Praise Party-My Best Friend
  • Little Praise Party-Happy Day Everyday
  • Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas
  • Connect the Dots
  • Tracks
  • Digital coloring book (with reproducible rights)
  • Jesus Music Box: The Devotional ebook
  • “Pequeña Fiesta de Alabanza”

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$97 for $1,482 Worth Of Yancy Worship Videos And Resources

Optimized-Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 12.30.58 PMYou don’t want to miss this limited time deal for ALL of our worship videos. Only available at This deal starts Friday, May 9th and only lasts for 144 hours!

You will get all of our worship live lyric videos, tracks, digital coloring book (with reproducible rights), Jesus Music Box: The Devotional ebook, and it’s the only way to get “Pequeña Fiesta de Alabanza” (Little Praise Party in Spanish) before it releases on June 24th!

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My Favorites

My friends over at WorshipHouseKids asked me to share some of my favorite videos.  I picked a few of my favorites from others and of my own. You can see, preview and download them all here.

Here’s WHY I picked the songs I chose…


1. Happy and You Know It by Amber Sky Records

One of my favorite songs!

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Yancy shares a “Bright Spot” About Worship

Yancy shared about the importance of Kids Worship in a “Bright Spot” for INCM (Learn more about INCM and their CPC Conferences at

In this short video Yancy talks about the importance of giving kids the opportunity to worship. A great resource to send to your volunteers and worship team members too. You can watch it for yourself here.

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God’s Word Is So Timely

I’m writing you today on one hand filled with much excitement. Over a year ago I started a project. The idea was to write songs based on scriptures that I wanted to make sure my son would know. If something happened to me what are the scriptures that I’d want him to learn and be aware of? So, I made a list and I started writing songs about those scriptures and Biblical truths. God’s Word is nothing new.

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Yancy Takes a Musical Detour with Upcoming Adult-Focused Modern Worship Album

RootsForTheJourney-COVER_zps7663d7ec(NASHVILLE, Tennessee) — Yancy, Christian music’s reigning Queen of Diversity, takes a bit of a departure with her upcoming album, “Roots for the Journey,” which is due May 21st from Elevate Entertainment. Unlike the pre-teen targeted CD/DVD release “Jesus Music Box” which released last month, “Roots for the Journey” is focused squarely on the adults.

Inspired to extend her musical influence to the parents and church leaders her children focused-music has equipped over the years,

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Yancy’s Worship Leading Tips

I hope you enjoyed the images on my last post about one of my boards on Pinterest! Here are the images from my Pinboard “Yancy’s Worship Leading Tips” and I pray it is a blessing to you!

Are you on Pinterest? Don’t forget to follow me!

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Last Words

So this weekend I was thinking about last words. We hear the expression “famous last words” often throughout our lives. From time to time we might even imagine the reality of our fleeting lives and think about the last words we said or would wish to say to our family and those that mean the most to us. I’ve lived enough at this point in my thirty one years to have had some different phases,

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Podcast With Yancy On Leading Worship Available Now

This past week Yancy was featured on the podcast for Hear Yancy and host Brandon discuss different topics related to leading kids in worship at

or download it for FREE on itunes:

Spread the word to your volunteers and worship team. They won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn and grow.

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Yancy Hosts A Sleepover Kids Worship Training Event

Thanks to my friends over at I’ll be hosting a FREE Sleepover! This will be an online teaching by me to train you on leading worship effectively for kids. This is a great opportunity for you and your worship team to gather together, hang out and learn together. Get registered today! You will be able to listen from Nov. 1st at 5PM to Nov. 2nd at 9AM. Plus you can save on the NEW CD or any order just by attending this free workshop.

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