I Love My Mom

Yancy and friends are here with a new “Little Praise Party” song to honor the hardest working people out there, Moms. Day after day they put their families first. 
“For years I’ve wanted to write a song to celebrate Moms. None of us would be here without our Mom. I am so excited that I finally have it done. “I Love My Mom” is a song that I pray will warm hearts and bring value and honor to all the Moms and ladies that take on that role for someone.  » Read more

Pre-order the new CD/DVD “Jesus Music Box”

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! We finally have pre-orders for the new project available. “Jesus Music Box” is available on CD and DVD. Pre-order yours and it will ship to you as soon as we have it in stock. March 5th is the official release date! Spread the word!

Here’s the link to order: http://yancynotnancy.com/store/cds/new-jesus-music-box/

Don’t forget to get FREE shipping with code: yancylovesme

And in case you haven’t seen it watch my new video: Minivans Everywhere

Happy weekend!

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Minivans Everywhere

This spring is going to be full of fun, new things here in Yancyland. Don’t forget about the new CD/DVD “Jesus Music Box” coming March 5th! But, for today, we have a fun new video for you that sums up why Yancy does what she does. Check it out (and tell all your friends about it too) 

Stay tuned…more new videos are coming soon.


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