Things That Make Me Smile

So today in my usual “spend time on my iphone while I wait for a plane to take off or ride down the road or wait on table in a restaurant”…..well, you get the idea…. I came across a tweet, followed the link and grinned ear to ear. Why you ask? Cause a very kind person named Amber shared her heart, her story and what my music can be for this generation. I’m beyond honored,

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A Pure Heart

I’ve been home a good bit the past couple weeks which is a rarity for me but it’s been great. My husband and I spent some time in one of our favorite places, Los Angeles, California. It was great to have a few days to chill and enjoy beautiful weather. I came home ready to tackle some of that spring cleaning I mentioned in my last post. Whether it was closet cleaning and making some donations to Goodwill or washing patio furniture and sweeping dust bunnies…I was reminded of how important it is for us to clean inside and out.

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