My Lightbulb Moment


Because of my love for music, I grew up going to lots and lots of Christian concerts. In each of them I heard the artist pitch a missions organization and well, it was always this thing that I knew to expect but usually the story didn’t resonate within me. It seemed more going through the motions and a necessary evil to get to the rest of the show. I’ll never forget the first time I heard about the ministry of Sweet Sleep.

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Give Sweet Sleep This Christmas

I’m out and about on my Christmas tour having a good ol’ time! It’s so fun sharing this Christmas music with families and definitely is helping to get in the Christmas spirit!

Earlier this year I partnered with an organization called Sweet Sleep. They provide beds for orphans. Can you imagine not having a good, clean mattress and pillow to sleep on at night? There’s many kids all over the world that are faced nightly with unsanitary and uncomfortable conditions.

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Yancy Partners With Sweet Sleep

Yancy is excited to partner with Sweet Sleep. A faith-based international nonprofit organization that shares God’s love by providing healthy, comfortable beds, bedding and Bibles to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children. Currently, Sweet Sleep works in Eastern Europe, Africa and Haiti.

Yancy loves how Sweet Sleep engages kids and pre-teens in meeting the needs of world’s 210 million orphaned and abandoned children through their Build-A-Bed Projects and INSOMNIA lock-in events. As a Sweet Sleep “bedhead artist” Yancy loves to share Sweet Sleep’s mission with your kids and your church.

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