PODCAST Creating a Culture of Worship for Every Generation

Watch (or listen) to these powerful podcasts as Yancy breaks down how to create and build a culture of worship that grows thru every generation.
Part 1
Part 2


I wanted to share these two podcasts with you as I feel they captured my heart in such a strong way. The host, Carl Barnhill, has created some of our lyric videos and countdowns plus the video transitions in our Heartbeat curriculum.

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The Kidmin Podcast

There’s a new podcast for Kidmin I think you’ll love. The Kidmin Podcast is designed to help #kidmin leaders teach creatively. Listen & subscribe: bit.ly/2k4pScn Learn more at bit.ly/2k4pScn

The first full episode released today. I had a great conversation with them about worship that I’d love for you to hear. I am so excited for this new resource for learning and thinking creatively outside the box.

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Focus on the Family’s PLUGGED IN PODCAST

Yancy will be featured on Focus on the Family’s PLUGGED IN PODCAST June 27th edition http://www.pluggedin.com/familyroom/podcast.aspx Tune in to hear some music from “Roots for the Journey”.

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Podcast With Yancy On Leading Worship Available Now

This past week Yancy was featured on the podcast for www.ChildrensMinistryLive.com. Hear Yancy and host Brandon discuss different topics related to leading kids in worship at http://www.childrensministrylive.com/childrens-ministry-expert-podcast/browse/82-leading-kids-in-worship-yancy.html

or download it for FREE on itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/childrens-ministry-live-with/id392181921

Spread the word to your volunteers and worship team. They won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn and grow.

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