Instagram And New Record


Some of you have already found me on Instagram. Yep, I’m on Instagram as yancynotnancy …..if you don’t know what it is you need to check it out on your smart phone. Download the app, find your friends and start posting your life in pictures. That’s what I’ll be doing especially this month.

Today is the official start to my new record to release in early spring.

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Summer Is In The Dust

Hello one and all.

I can’t believe it’s September….and I can’t believe summer is behind us. Where did the time go? My summer was filled with a bunch of concerts all around the US and Canada. I had a blast meeting new fans. Seeing old friends. Good times were had on the road.

Throughout the summer I worked on the music for Standard Publishing’s 2013 VBS “God’s Backyard Bible Camp” Go to: for all the details.

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Praise Party Birthday Party

A little girl named Larissa celebrated her birthday in a fun way. She had a “Praise Party” Yancy style birthday party. Here’s a few pictures to show the fun she and her friends had. I am excited she chose to celebrate her birthday while making her praise and love for Jesus loud!



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‘Tis The Season

I LOVE Christmas. In every way possible….I love the decorations, music, gifts, food, time with family and friends, the whole bit. Hopefully you’re having fun this Christmas season. More than anything during this season I hope you’re taking a moment to reflect and remember the amazing story that isn’t just a story but is everything I believe in. Jesus was born to be the Savior of the world. A few weeks ago I was at a meeting at my church helping plan some services and we were discussing Mary and the wonderful,

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