The Amazing Sale Is Happening NOW $97 For $1,628 Worth Of Music, Videos And More

Hello friends,

Happy Monday to you. I hope you’ve heard about

my special, uber-sweet, once-in-a-lifetime, totally epic sale that is happening NOW. If you’re looking to snag every worship video I’ve ever created plus a ton of other cool stuff from me and some of my personal favorite Kidmin music friends, you don’t want to miss this.

It started Friday, April 27 at noon and only lasts 144 hours.

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$97 for nearly $2,000 worth of Children’s and Preteen Ministry Resources

IF you serve in Children’s or Youth Ministry


IF you are on a limited budget…read this. just launched their biggest sale ever, and it’s for Children’s & Preteen Ministry Resources.  It’s colossal!


It includes some really great stuff:

-Preteen Curriculum

-Worship Videos

-Small Group Stuff


-Illustration Videos

-Countdown Videos


-Conference Tickets

-Ministry Logos


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Turn $97 into $1,074 worth of Children’s Ministry Resources for your ministry.

It’s no joke, visit to get the details. ONLY144 has been working on putting together this epic bundle sale for several months partnering with 15 different resource providers. The stars have literally lined up for this to happen. I wanted to let you know about it, because it truly is an incredible deal if you’re looking for a boatload of awesome resources and THE CLOCK IS TICKING!

You will get $60 worth of my Yancy Children’s Worship Videos that you can use for your worship anytime,

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