New Release : Choosing Happy EP

We’re all looking for a little dose of happiness. This song of the summer is here for the quest. Happiness isn’t anything that can be touched or acquired by any material thing because that’s not where true joy is found. This chorus is part musical candy, with a hook that your ear won’t shake, and part quotation of scripture: “The joy of the Lord is our strength.”  It’s true for you and your family.

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I’m so excited. Today is the day. The wait is FINALLY over. Today, October 27th my version of FEAR IS NOT MY FUTURE is available everywhere. Stream it. Watch it on YouTube. Get it for your church from my site. Most importantly share this song with someone you know who needs it.

I’ve been working on my version of this song for a long time. I knew this message was one that this generation needed to sing.

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New Release: Yancy’s First Children’s Musical For Lillenas Music “Best Christmas Ever with Yancy”

Are you ready for the Best Christmas Ever? A few months back I was asked to write a Christmas musical for kids and I jumped at the opportunity. I love Christmas music and I love writing songs kids will love to sing. I’m so grateful for Lillenas Music partnering with me for this “Best Christmas Song Ever with Yancy” musical. I’m believing it will help your families and community learn the greatest gift they can give is their offering of worship to Jesus.

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NEW RELEASE : Holy Forever

It’s here. My version of “Holy Forever” is available wherever you get music.


Worship is not something that starts and ends. It’s the sound of heaven and is happening continuously. We join in on earth to the song of praise that’s already being sung. This is a special song because it’s the song we were made to sing “holy,

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No doubt about it “Hosanna Rock” is one of the most beloved songs in Yancy’s catalog. She commissioned this “Hosanna Rock (Remix)” for this Palm Sunday/Easter season. It’s the same, fun song you love but with a little extra party in the mix. Yancy wants to help kids fall in love with Jesus one song at a time and the heart of this song is all about helping children and families praise the Lord.  » Read more

New Release: Holy Spirit Come

“Holy Spirit Come’ is now available wherever you get music.

Are you ready for a miracle and a fresh encounter? This song is a prayer that every believer should pray. Inviting our helper to come and be present in our lives. Working and moving within us and through us on the earth. This worship song made popular by Patrick Mayberry is a song that will spark a fire. This is a battle cry for this generation for such a time as this.

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NEW RELEASE: All The Things

Yancy & Little Praise Party are back with a rockin’ song of praise. You’ll be singing along right away in celebration that “God made all the things.”

Inspired by her preschool aged son, Rhythm, and all the questions he would ask about all the things Yancy began to pen this song. Asking the questions young kids do of why this and why that.  She loves bringing an educational element to her songs and included many colors and creations God made.  » Read more

NEW RELEASE : The Opposite Song

Kids’ favorite worship leader is back with a new song for the new year. Parents love Yancy’s music because it’s filled with rich truth in the perfect kids size. Never fear, it doesn’t sacrifice anything on the musical side which makes it music the whole family can enjoy. This catchy, pop song will have you moving and grooving.  “The Opposite Song” will hook you with it’s happy sound and anchor you with it’s message of truth.

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NEW RELEASE – Choosing Happy

If you’re still squeezing on to summer this is the perfect song for you. The happy, pop vibe of Yancy’s newest Little Praise Party song is guaranteed to get you smiling from ear to ear. Life is changing all around us. Kids are transitioning back to school and seasons are shifting. Diagnoses are being given and other chapters are closing. Truth alert: Happiness has nothing to do with your circumstances. The mindset of this message is that we can choose joy and happiness no matter what we face.  » Read more

I Love My Mom

Yancy and friends are here with a new “Little Praise Party” song to honor the hardest working people out there, Moms. Day after day they put their families first. 
“For years I’ve wanted to write a song to celebrate Moms. None of us would be here without our Mom. I am so excited that I finally have it done. “I Love My Mom” is a song that I pray will warm hearts and bring value and honor to all the Moms and ladies that take on that role for someone.  » Read more