Annual Streaming Master Use License

Yancy Ministries is here to partner with you as Church online becomes a new normal. We can see many Churches utilizing online platforms as a great way to stay connected to families weekly. What began as filling a void will actually continue in filling a need. Even as life, sports, travel and all the other things that fill up calendars go back into play many Kidmin leaders are finding new ways to resource parents. Online programming,

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The Future of Little Praise Party = You

Greetings from Tennessee to you and yours. I’m expectant for the season ahead and all the time with family and friends. This year marks twenty-two years of music and ministry. I am excited to have released some new music for Christmas. Make sure you check out my latest: O Come, O Come Emmanuel and Not About the Weather wherever you listen to music. Churches and schools can use the accompanying video and get that from

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Thanksmas Sale

I wanted to drop you a note today and let you know that I so appreciate your prayers, purchases & gifts for this ministry. I’m blessed and encouraged that you choose to be part of this community where we share the awesome value of teaching children to worship our Lord.

Here in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas, my gift to you this week is a Thanksmas discount code. You can use it for 25% off anything in our online store through Sunday.

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Giving Tuesday and Year End Giving

Many of you may or may not realize that Yancy Ministries is a non-profit. Your support makes a difference for us. We make music for kids. Those songs and videos are literally sung and used around the world. It would not be possible without the help of people like you. For Giving Tuesday and as we near the end of 2017 and you consider year end offerings please consider partnering with us. Your gifts allow us to work on new materials to put out there for kids,

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Top Family Ministry Blogs

This past week we were excited to receive the news that Yancy’s blog was in the list of “Top Family Ministry Blogs”.  Read the full story and see the list of blogs included here.

Special thanks to Sam Luce for putting this list together.

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When Words Fail, Music Speaks

IMG_0529Last night I had a concert in Little Rock, AR at First Assembly of God. I was there a couple years ago and their children’s pastor, Brian Dollar is a friend. I remember as “Roots for the Journey” first released hearing a story about a sick little girl in Brian’s church. If you don’t know much about “Roots for the Journey”, it’s scripture filled music that is very acoustic, calm, peaceful and worship filled.

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The Unexpected New Fan

I just returned from Arizona where I was blessed to do a kick-off family concert for Cornerstone Church’s kids camp in Chandler, AZ. They are using the Jungle Safari VBS curriculum for their day camp and I was blessed to go and lead a family concert for them this past Monday. It was fun, loud and Jesus was lifted up.

Today, I started my day to a really special email. You know the kind of thing that you read and your eyes well up with tears.

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Why I Believe In Student Ministry

Yesterday, I celebrated the 18th anniversary of my first concert. August 16, 1995 is a day permanently etched in my mind. See, let me explain the scenario. A just turned fifteen year old girl who had a dream to do music was asked by her youth pastor to do a concert for the youth group. That spring God had put it in his heart to do what he could to help me see my dream come true.

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Angus Buchan and His Faith Like Potatoes

Last weekend I got to experience one of the world’s greatest treasures for the Christian faith. Angus Buchan is his name. He is from South Africa. You may have heard his story before through the film “Faith Like Potatoes”. He does huge rallies all over the world and He had his first USA men’s event last weekend sponsored by my church here in Murfreesboro, TN. I encourage you to check him out. I think your faith will definitely be challenged as mine has been.

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$97 for $1,628 worth of Yancy Worship Videos, Music and Resources (SWEET!!!)

Hello friend,

I wanted to give you a big heads up for this Friday.

Something SWEET is happening! Ooh la la.

Don’t miss my special, uber-sweet, once-in-a-lifetime, totally epic sale starting at noon this Friday. If you’re looking to snag every worship video I’ve ever created plus a ton of other cool stuff from me and some of my personal favorite Kidmin music friends, you don’t want to miss this.

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