Kidmin Music Licensing Explained

Every week I encounter questions and misinformation about copyrights, licensing, CCLI and how to use music legally in your ministry.

A month or so ago myself, Jeff McCullough (JumpStart 3) and a couple other Kidmin leaders sat down and shared honestly to answer questions and inform you. I invite you to watch and listen to this conversation. I pray it will bring clarity to some of these issues.

Thanks for seeking wisdom in every area as you lead others.

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The Kidmin Podcast

There’s a new podcast for Kidmin I think you’ll love. The Kidmin Podcast is designed to help #kidmin leaders teach creatively. Listen & subscribe: Learn more at

The first full episode released today. I had a great conversation with them about worship that I’d love for you to hear. I am so excited for this new resource for learning and thinking creatively outside the box.

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Great KidMin Idea

imageI just finished performing at a rockin’ VBS in Alabama this past week where they had a great idea to help advertise the family concert. To make sure that parents got the information about the concert, they put a sticker on each child advertising the event right before the parents picked them up. I think this is a great idea for ‪#‎kidmin‬ and I’m sure you can all think of about a million other ways you could use this with your kids!

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A Good Family Friend And Some Short Films For Kidmin

I don’t know about you but I had an awesome childhood. My Dad was in ministry and unlike many in those shoes I had a really great experience. One of the fondest memories I have as a child was going to ministry conferences as a family and having family friendships that are still part of my life today. One of those friendships is with Mark & Debra Harper. They’ve done kids ministry forever and I remember on a trip to their church back in 1991-ish me and my sister were greeted by a gift basket just for us in our hotel to make us feel welcome.

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My Dad is a Kidmin Leadership Guru…There’s Only 50 Hours Remaining

Every once in a while, you see something awesome that you need to let people know about.  This is it.

In this world of couponing and online shopping I know we all like a deal! Well, time is ticking away on an awesome deal!

$97 for $1,377 worth of his Children’s Ministry leadership resources.

That’s right…you may or may not know that my Dad is a Children’s Ministry rockstar.

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Kidmin Conference In Chicago

Last year, I was a part of this conference and I am so thrilled to be a part of it again! I hope to see you and your team in Chicago!

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Countdown to Chicago KidMin Conference

I’ve told you about an experience in Chicago called KidMin Conference that’s coming up before. I’m excited. It’s coming up starting October 7th. I hope that you’ve made plans to attend cause I want to see you there. There’s a great list of speakers that are going to be a part of it that I’m proud to call friends of mine: Sam Luce, Gina McClain, Dale Hudson, Patrick Snow and many more. I’ll be there.

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Planning To Attend Kidmin Conference in Chicago?

One of the things I’m looking forward to this year is the Kidmin Conference in Chicago. If you haven’t heard of it before there’s a reason. It’s a brand new conference that’s starting this year in Chicago, IL. The conference is October 7-10, 2011. Learn more at Chicago is a great town with yummy pizza, Garrett’s popcorn and plenty other opportunities for fun.

Kidmin Conference is gonn a be a great four days of networking,

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