K Magazine Continues Worship Column with Yancy

We are excited to announce that Yancy will continue writing the kids worship column for K! Magazine through 2014. This year Yancy has answered various questions about kids worship including how to develop a worship team, technology recommendations and more. “There is not a lot of information and training resources out there for those leading kids in worship. I’ve had a blast helping others learn and grow and succeed in the area of kids worship.

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Yancy Added To The Editor’s List Of K! Magazine

We are excited to announce that Yancy has been added to the contributing editors of K! Magazine thekmagazine.com. Beginning with the January/February 2013 issue Yancy will contribute an article on the subject of kid’s worship in each issue. Yancy is excited to use this opportunity to help teach and train leaders how to effectively teach and train kids how to worship. “I’m thrilled to be able to have this voice and platform to write for K!

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“We All Have Musical Chairs To Fill” Article by Yancy in K Magazine

In the September/October issue of K Magazine (a magazine for children’s ministry leaders) Yancy wrote an article on worship. It’s all about finding the right volunteers to help lead kids in worship. The article is called “We All Have Musical Chairs To Fill.” If you’re looking for some help in this area then check out what Yancy has to say on the subject.


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