“Jesus Music Box” #1 on Amazon

We had an exciting weekend. After a couple great events in Memphis where Yancy did a concert for families and led worship for kidmin leaders we received the news that “Jesus Music Box” had reached #1! Yes, it’s true on both Saturday and Sunday “Jesus Music Box” had climbed the Amazon charts to be #1 on the Christian kids chart. This is awesome news. The new album has been out a month now and we’ve heard great reports from listeners of how much they love the new music many are saying is her best yet.

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A New Chapter: Jesus Music Box

Hello once again friends,

Today is a big day. It’s the official release day of my new CD “Jesus Music Box”. It’s finally done and out there for you to hear, feel and touch. Part finish line, part new beginning, this afternoon I am reflecting over the past few months of hard work and heart that went into this music. I’ve known from a young age that I wanted to use music to spread the Gospel.

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Deluxe Edition Of “Jesus Music Box” Available

So, what’s more fun then a new CD? A deluxe edition of the new CD. Yes, it’s true there is a deluxe edition of “Jesus Music Box” now available on itunes¬†http://bit.ly/13tZ8Tb It features three music videos for added singalong fun. Check it out today and pre-order your copy before March 5th!


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New CD and DVD March 5th: Jesus Music Box

We are so excited to announce we finally have an official release date of Yancy’s new CD and DVD. March 5th is the big day. We’ll have some pre-order options very soon for you that will help you get the music even faster. Yancy has been hard at work in the studio and these are twelve incredible songs coming your way. The album is called “Jesus Music Box”. It’s all about making Jesus loud in your life.

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