Instagram And New Record


Some of you have already found me on Instagram. Yep, I’m on Instagram as yancynotnancy …..if you don’t know what it is you need to check it out on your smart phone. Download the app, find your friends and start posting your life in pictures. That’s what I’ll be doing especially this month.

Today is the official start to my new record to release in early spring.

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Take A Picture…. I’m On Instagram!

So if you’re one of those out there who loves social media sites then you probably know about Instagram. If you don’t it’s a super cool app where you take pictures (and tweak the pictures with some filters that makes your picture look even snazzier) and then you post it for your “followers” to see. You should totally check it out. Yancy has been on Instagram for awhile but this week we launched the official Yancy Instagram with the name “yancynotnancy”

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