Waffles & Wiggles: Preschool Concerts – Creating Family Memories

A couple years ago after taking my own son to a Paw Patrol Live event here in Nashville, I realized that parents want to create memories with their children. They will spend money, time, energy and even endure the inconvenience of parking and travel to go to an event where they can create a fun time spent with their child.

Realizing this as a parent made me even more grateful as a minister for the opportunities I’ve been given to partner with churches.

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Go Weekly

If you believe parents and small group leaders are the most important people in your church, then your actions should support what you say you believe. If you believe it, then you should be constantly working to improve your structure, empower parents and leaders, and create shared experiences.

Because your best chance to influence a kid is to help their parents and Small Group Leaders influence them.

Oh, but if you want parents and small group leaders to influence kids every week… then it might be a good idea for you to influence parents and small group leaders every week,

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“My Church” says Sparrow Rocket

This past week my son has become so excited about “my church”. He recognizes it as we pass by on the road. When we turn in the parking lot he immediately shouts “my church”. He asks to go to his class. He even talks about some of his favorite friends from church throughout the week. My son is 27months. This week, my heart is grateful that I have a son that doesn’t feel dragged to church and that he has to go.

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‘Tis The Season

I LOVE Christmas. In every way possible….I love the decorations, music, gifts, food, time with family and friends, the whole bit. Hopefully you’re having fun this Christmas season. More than anything during this season I hope you’re taking a moment to reflect and remember the amazing story that isn’t just a story but is everything I believe in. Jesus was born to be the Savior of the world. A few weeks ago I was at a meeting at my church helping plan some services and we were discussing Mary and the wonderful,

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My First Mother’s Day

This year is proving to be about family. I got things kicked off this year with some events out on the road and then of course my baby was born back on February 25th. This summer my sister is getting married so there’s just all sorts of family fun happening these days.

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day. I sure hope you were kind to your Momma! 🙂 Obviously it was my first year to get to celebrate being a Mom.

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It’s A Boy! Sparrow Rocket Richmond

This past Friday, February 25th Yancy’s little songbird was born. It’s a boy: Sparrow Rocket Richmond. 7.8 lbs, 19 inches. Mom, Dad and baby are doing great! Thanks for your prayers for this exciting time in Yancy’s life and for her new expanded family!

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The Current Status Of Life For The Preggo Rocker

The past two weekends have been monumental for me. I say monumental more for the mark in history they are in my life. As many of you know I’m expecting my first child at the end of this month. We are so excited about this new stage of life and our family. So back to the milestones: Two weekends ago I had my last flying experience without a baby in tow or a child at home waiting for me.  » Read more