Preparing A Place

So we all know that Disney is great at environments…it gets talked about in many businesses and churches. But, I want to give a shout out to another business that gets creating an atmosphere. The Woodhouse Day Spa – I’ve been to a couple locations and I have to say from the paint colors, furnishings, lighting and their staff, they create an atmosphere for relaxation.

I’m a tennis fan and an Andre Agassi fan at that.

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“My Church” says Sparrow Rocket

This past week my son has become so excited about “my church”. He recognizes it as we pass by on the road. When we turn in the parking lot he immediately shouts “my church”. He asks to go to his class. He even talks about some of his favorite friends from church throughout the week. My son is 27months. This week, my heart is grateful that I have a son that doesn’t feel dragged to church and that he has to go.

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God’s Word Is So Timely

I’m writing you today on one hand filled with much excitement. Over a year ago I started a project. The idea was to write songs based on scriptures that I wanted to make sure my son would know. If something happened to me what are the scriptures that I’d want him to learn and be aware of? So, I made a list and I started writing songs about those scriptures and Biblical truths. God’s Word is nothing new.

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‘Tis The Season

I LOVE Christmas. In every way possible….I love the decorations, music, gifts, food, time with family and friends, the whole bit. Hopefully you’re having fun this Christmas season. More than anything during this season I hope you’re taking a moment to reflect and remember the amazing story that isn’t just a story but is everything I believe in. Jesus was born to be the Savior of the world. A few weeks ago I was at a meeting at my church helping plan some services and we were discussing Mary and the wonderful,

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