Institute of Children’s Ministry

Thank you for coming to my sessions at Institute of Children’s Ministry 2019. Here are my notes from the sessions. I pray that you will cultivate a heart of worship in the kids you lead. Stop DOING songs and start LEADING worship.

I believe in you.


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Yancy interviewed on recently interviewed me about the music I make for kids. Learn a little bit more of my story here:


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Only 74 Hours Remaining

If you serve in Children’s Ministry, don’t miss this!

$97 for $1,600+ worth of Children’s Ministry Worship Videos and Music from Uncle Charlie and friends.  This deal only lasts 144 hours and took over a year to put together, so don’t miss it.

Children’s Ministry Worship videos cost $10 a pop.  This collection has over 100 videos, plus tons of songs, hand motion instructional videos, plus a ton of other cool stuff you’ll love.  

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Yancy’s Children’s Ministry Magazine Article

In the March/April issue of “Children’s Ministry Magazine” Yancy is featured in an article entitled “Rock Of Ages”. On page 80 Yancy shares tips for leading worship for preschool, elementary and preteen students. If you’re wanting to help the kids in your church or home get excited about worship this is a great source of information for you. Find the issue at your local Christian Bookstore or go to for more info on “Children’s Ministry Magazine”

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My Wednesday has brought us to Thursday

Hello, hello everyone.

I feel good. You know how when a big heavy burden gets lifted off and you feel like you’re a bird flying and fluttering about like you’re suddenly weightless. Well, that’s pretty much how I feel. I realized that most of the past 6-8 months I’ve been planning, prepping or making a big project happen. All amazing experiences but pressure, deadlines and expectations can sometimes bog us down. I’m in between major projects for a few weeks which is lovely and thus why I suddenly feel each step is a little softer and the world is suddenly mine to experience first hand.

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