As you may know, I am passionate about ministry to preteens. It is a critical age that needs to be addressed in unique ways. My friends at INCM (CPC Conferences) are launching a brand new conference to speak exclusively to ministry to preteens. I strongly encourage you to join me there! 

November 5&6 in Chicago Illinois

Bridge conference

Joining children’s and youth ministry leaders for the sake of tweens

Learn more and sign up to attend: Use code EYANCY for a discount.

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Kidmin Conference In Chicago

Last year, I was a part of this conference and I am so thrilled to be a part of it again! I hope to see you and your team in Chicago!

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Countdown to Chicago KidMin Conference

I’ve told you about an experience in Chicago called KidMin Conference that’s coming up before. I’m excited. It’s coming up starting October 7th. I hope that you’ve made plans to attend cause I want to see you there. There’s a great list of speakers that are going to be a part of it that I’m proud to call friends of mine: Sam Luce, Gina McClain, Dale Hudson, Patrick Snow and many more. I’ll be there.

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Planning To Attend Kidmin Conference in Chicago?

One of the things I’m looking forward to this year is the Kidmin Conference in Chicago. If you haven’t heard of it before there’s a reason. It’s a brand new conference that’s starting this year in Chicago, IL. The conference is October 7-10, 2011. Learn more at Chicago is a great town with yummy pizza, Garrett’s popcorn and plenty other opportunities for fun.

Kidmin Conference is gonn a be a great four days of networking,

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Hanging with my friends at Kidmin Conference in Chicago

Several months ago I was given the invitation to come be a part of a first. The first of anything is crazy exciting sometimes mixed with every other emotion possible cause well, it’s the first one. For me, I’m thrilled to be a part of Group’s KidMin Conference this October. It’s going to be a different type conference. Different how? Check out to learn more. I have many friends there that will also be sharing and teaching.

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