Thanksmas Sale

I wanted to drop you a note today and let you know that I so appreciate your prayers, purchases & gifts for this ministry. I’m blessed and encouraged that you choose to be part of this community where we share the awesome value of teaching children to worship our Lord.

Here in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas, my gift to you this week is a Thanksmas discount code. You can use it for 25% off anything in our online store through Sunday.

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Black Friday Super Duper Sale

Black Friday is a whole lot brighter in Yancy’s world! THIS Friday and Saturday, enter the code blackfriday at checkout on to receive 50% off your entire purchase! YES… you will get an additional discount on items already marked down! This is an awesome way to kick off the holiday season and stock up on all your rock-n-happy gifts for kids of all ages!

Here’s what you do:


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Black Friday Sale…Save 50%

I love the holidays. And I’ll admit I’m one of those “Black Friday” shoppers. I could not do what I do without your support. I’m so grateful for you this Thanksgiving and always. To show my appreciation and to help you with your gift giving this Christmas save 50% off everything when you enter code: thankful50 through Sunday, November 27th at

A few items I’d recommend is of course “Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas”

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Black Friday The After Thanksgiving Party

As most of you know by now I love Christmas! In every way. I enjoy Thanksgiving especially the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I wonder if I enjoy the parade so much cause there’s so many Christmas things in it? I think I may have just touched on something there……I had an amazing Thanksgiving and I hope yours was great too. I’m in Oklahoma right now visiting my husband’s family here so it was sad to be away from my family but I’m getting to see a few special friends so that makes it nice.

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