Yancy Launches Free Companion App for New Album “Roots for the Journey”

RootsForJourneyApp-Portrait_zpse16f0ee5 (NASHVILLE, Tennessee) — In an effort to help bridge her new adult-oriented worship album, “Roots for the Journey,” with her younger fans, Yancy has created a free companion app that will help parents teach each song’s scriptures and Biblical truths to their children through devotions, conversations, prayers and activities. “Roots for the Journey” was released on May 21st from Elevate Entertainment, and the app is available now.

Yancy started off making a lullaby record based on scriptures that she wanted to pass on to her son.

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The App For “Roots For The Journey” Now Available

When Yancy recorded her newest album Roots for the Journey she knew these songs were special. The music, organic, unplugged and simple was something that adults of all ages would be eager to listen to again and again. The message in the songs timeless because each song is centered on scriptures from God’s Word. Yancy spends most of her time doing family concerts and making music and worship resources that play in minivans and churches worldwide.

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