Ok so, I haven’t been super great about blogging lately. My only excuse is busyness! I had a great summer and got to be a part of some great summer events like camps and Vacation Bible Schools plus some Back to School events. I had a great time and enjoyed meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces along the way.

My sister got married back in July. It was an awesome time with family and friends celebrating my baby sister!

Sparrow is growing like crazy. He’s six months, 3 weeks. I’m completely amazed at how fast a baby goes from being totally helpless to sitting up and grabbing things. He’s so much fun. Here’s some pictures to prove it! 🙂

I’ve been hard at working finishing up the next Little Praise Party for preschoolers. It will be available on CD and DVD and will release in January. (Stay tuned cause I might be able to pull some strings for you all to have it by Christmas.) I’m so excited about this new music and teaching kids to sing to their Creator!

Summer is behind us. Fall is upon us. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I hope you and yours are off to a great fall! Many blessings….