I was recently interviewed for a couple of podcasts discussing music and kids worship. I would love for you to listen:

D6 Podcast #171 Teaching Kids to Worship https://buff.ly/30FPTEc
We discuss worship both at home and church.
Kids Ministry Collective Podcast #73 Heart of Worship with Yancy https://apple.co/2k2T1un
We discuss challenges and worship goals for the church.
I wrote a couple articles for MinistrySpark.com
How To Engage Boys in Worship Without Embarassing Them  https://ministryspark.com/boys-can-worship/
5 Surprising Solutions for Better Kids’ Worship https://ministryspark.com/kids-worship-solutions/
I’m also writing for Worship Musician Magazine. You can check out the most recent issue and my article here;  https://joom.ag/aHWe/p100
I hope these various tools will be a blessing to what you do.