We are super excited about the release of Yancy’s newest devotional for preteens releasing next week. We are so excited about it that we are going to give away a Pink Boombox to one lucky winner and a bunch of copies of the devotional to those that can help us spread the word about “Jesus Music Box: The Devotional” that releases March 4th.

This daily devotional is based on the songs from Yancy’s Jesus Music Box album, and it matches each song to a different chapter over the span of twelve weeks. Topics include: standing up for Christ, how God provides, prayer, why we worship, the promise that God is always with us, and more. This resource is perfect for teaching preteens the importance of a daily devotional time.


So back to the details of the contest. C’mon, there is a PINK BOOMBOX at stake here! And possibly your very own copy of the new devotional. Choose the social media platform you want to use to spread the word to your family and friends.


1. Follow @yancynotnancy on instagram (your profile must be public)
2. Post this picture and tag @yancynotnancy in it
3. Tell your friends your excited about: Yancy has a new devotional based on the music of “Jesus Music Box” @yancynotnancy #JesusMusicBox


1. Follow @yancynotnancy on twitter
2. Tweet your friends that your excited about: Yancy has a new devotional based on the music of “Jesus Music Box” @yancynotnancy #JesusMusicBox


1. Follow @yancynotnancy on facebook
2. Share one of Yancy’s post about the devotional or tag Yancy in a post of your own and say:
I’m excited for @Yancy releasing her new devotional for preteens “Jesus Music Box” on March 4th #JesusMusicBox Parents of preteens you want to get one of these for your family.


1. Pin Yancy’s new devotional to your board on Pinterest

This contest is until Friday, March 7th. Our lucky winners will be chosen and announced on/by March 10th.