Do you need some cool Children’s Ministry resources?

If so…you absolutely DO NOT want to miss this.  It ends on Thursday at noon.

$97 for $1,524+ worth of Children’s Ministry Videos and Media from Timbuktoons.  Visit to check it out.  These are some great friends in ministry who have been working like crazy over the past year to help bless churches in an amazing way!

Timbuktoons is the animation studio that does work for Jelly Telly, Orange, Big Stuf, Uncle Charlie, Yancy and more.  They have an entire library of videos, curriculum, music, graphics, countdowns, etc. that they’ve created over the past nine years…and everything is included in this 144 hour deal.  This is blessing a lot of churches, so we wanted to make sure you knew about it.

The website is .  Don’t miss this and kick yourself!

Go get it!


P.S. They’re throwing in like $200 worth of bonus resources for anyone who orders.